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Automated Reporting and Enhanced Campaign Insights


The objective of this project was to streamline the reporting process and provide comprehensive insights into campaign performance for the marketing team. By automating the data extraction and consolidation process, the client aimed to reduce manual efforts, minimize errors, and gain a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

The Challenge

The client’s marketing team was manually pulling reports from Salesforce, the company’s CRM system, to track leads generated through various marketing channels. This manual process was time-consuming, prone to errors, and limited the team’s ability to analyze campaign performance in a timely manner. Additionally, the client was investing a significant amount of money, approximately $5 million per month, across multiple platforms, making it crucial to have accurate and actionable insights to optimize their marketing spend effectively.

The Solution

To address these challenges, our data analysis team implemented an automated reporting system using Tableau. We integrated data from multiple sources, including Salesforce, Google Analytics, Mparticle, and various vendor platforms, to create a centralized and comprehensive view of lead generation and campaign performance.

The team developed a robust data pipeline that extracted and transformed data from each source, ensuring data accuracy and consistency. By combining all the information the team created a holistic view of the customer journey.

Additionally, an attribution model was developed to attribute leads to specific marketing campaigns accurately. This attribution model provided insights into how each campaign influenced lead generation, appointment setting, and sales conversions, enabling the marketing team to optimize their campaigns effectively.

The automated reporting system empowered the marketing team to easily track and analyze campaign performance, identify underperforming campaigns, and A/B test strategies with data-backed insights. By reducing manual efforts and automating calculations, the system minimized errors and enabled faster decision-making.

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