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Automated Reporting and Enhanced Campaign Insights

The automated reporting system empowered the marketing team to easily track and analyze campaign performance, identify underperforming campaigns, and A/B test strategies with data-backed insights. By reducing manual efforts and automating calculations, the system minimized errors and enabled faster decision-making.

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Executive Reporting for Business Health Monitoring

The objective of this project was to provide executives, with a concise and easily understandable report to monitor the overall health of the company. The...

Unified KPI Metrics for Sales Representative Evaluation

Our solution transformed the evaluation process for sales representatives, fostering a culture of accountability, and driving significant improvements in conversion rates, ultimately maximizing the potential...
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Understanding How The Client’s Career Technical Education Content Aligns with Perspective Client Districts in the State of Florida and Where Upsell Opportunities Exist with Current Client

Ampersand Consulting's diligent analysis identified a revenue opportunity of approximately $94 million with existing clients and prospects. The gap analysis revealed that FLVS's CTE offerings...

Improving Client Journey for Florida Virtual School

The engagement with Ampersand Consulting resulted in a revitalized client journey for FLVS, enriched with data-driven insights and strategic recommendations, highlighting the power of data...
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we can unlock unparalleled growth opportunities

Our expertise lies in revolutionizing operations, optimizing marketing strategies, monitoring business health, and enhancing sales performance. By harnessing the power of data, we can unlock unparalleled growth opportunities for your real estate company. Our integrated approach encompasses three compelling projects that have reshaped the way our clients operate and positioned them at the forefront of their industry.

Allow us to guide you through a holistic overview of these projects, each designed to drive tangible and measurable outcomes.

Increasing Time to First Value of Product and Increase User Adoption for Element 451

The time for client implementation reduced drastically from 28 weeks to about 12 weeks. Customer satisfaction, as measured by the Net Promoter Score, improved by...

Understanding the Reason for Student Retention Issues within the First Term of Schooling

The outcomes were truly transformative. Ampersand Consulting's intervention revealed a systematic issue that led to ~6.2% of leads having one or more errors in their...

Automating Personalized Learning Journey and Awarding of Micro-skilling E-badges for CERTD

The automation led to a significant reduction in administrative support per client, saving approximately two hours per day. This equates to a full-time equivalent (FTE)...
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