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Automating Personalized Learning Journey and Awarding of Micro-skilling E-badges for CERTD


CERTD, an esteemed organization in the realm of training andl development, sought to achieve an ambitious objective: the automation of personalized learning journeys and awarding of micro-skilling e-badges. This was a significant step towards personalizing and streamlining their digital learning platform, enhancing the learner experience.


However, achieving this goal posed considerable challenges. CERTD’s assessment data and courses were housed in two separate systems, and no integration existed between these platforms and their badging system. This situation presented a daunting technological hurdle that threatened to impede their progress.


Stepping up to the challenge was Ampersand, a leading data analytics consultancy renowned for leveraging technological solutions to solve complex issues. They undertook a series of measures to help CERTD realize its vision. These included the automation of grading assessments via API integrations and development, assigning remediation courses to create personalized learning plans, and issuing badges – all automated. They also developed a dashboard that allowed clients to monitor course issuance and employee performance in real-time.

As a result, a fully automated, cloud-based solution was created. This system allowed CERTD to send an email with personalized assessments to a client’s employee. Depending on the performance in these assessments, the employees were either awarded digital badges or assigned to take remediation courses. The entire process was visible to the client through a real-time reporting dashboard, enhancing transparency and accountability.

This innovation empowered CERTD in several ways. It allowed them to demonstrate their solutions to prospective clients more effectively, and it significantly reduced the barriers to scaling their operations. Moreover, the reporting features increased the service value by enabling continuous performance monitoring.

The outcomes were impressive: the automation led to a significant reduction in administrative support per client, saving approximately two hours per day. This equates to a full-time equivalent (FTE) plus, a considerable saving in resources that can be allocated to more strategic tasks.

In conclusion, the engagement with Ampersand resulted in CERTD overcoming its challenges to automating personalized learning journeys, showcasing how technological solutions can revolutionize educational and professional development practices.

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