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Executive Reporting for Business Health Monitoring


The objective of this project was to provide executives, with a concise and easily understandable report to monitor the overall health of the company. The report aimed to present key performance indicators and trends on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, enabling executives to make informed decisions and address challenges promptly.

The Challenge

While the marketing team required granular campaign insights, executives needed a high-level overview of the company’s performance and progress toward sales goals. Traditional reporting methods often involve complex and lengthy reports, making it challenging for executives to grasp the overall business trends and take decisive actions quickly.

The Solution

To address these challenges, our data analysis team developed an executive report that provided a succinct summary of the company’s performance. The report incorporated key performance indicators related to lead generation, appointment setting, marketing spend, realtor attachment, and progress toward sales targets.

By presenting these metrics in a clear and easily understandable format, executives could quickly assess the company’s health, identify areas of concern or success, and make data-driven decisions. The report allowed them to monitor trends over time and answer critical questions such as whether lead generation was increasing if the marketing spend was aligned with goals, or if there were any deviations from target sales.

The executive report became an essential tool for weekly business reviews, enabling executives to stay informed about the company’s performance, identify potential issues, and take proactive measures to address them. The concise format and actionable insights provided executives with a comprehensive view of the business and empowered them to drive strategic decisions effectively.

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