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Understanding How The Client’s Career Technical Education Content Aligns with Perspective Client Districts in the State of Florida and Where Upsell Opportunities Exist with Current Client


A pioneering institution, the Florida Virtual School (FLVS), was in the midst of a significant undertaking. As a premier online education provider, FLVS strived to enhance its Career Technical Education (CTE) offerings, keenly aiming to align their course content more closely with the requirements of prospective client districts across the state. Concurrently, they were exploring ways to uncover new upselling opportunities within their existing clientele.


Despite the clarity of its objectives, FLVS faced substantial challenges. The task of identifying and accessing detailed enrollment information to determine the potential market opportunities was daunting, while the complex nature of aligning FLVS’s educational courses with disparate district data added another layer of complexity.


In their quest to surmount these obstacles, FLVS enlisted the expertise of Ampersand, a data-driven consulting firm renowned for its analytical prowess and strategic capabilities. Ampersand set to work with meticulous precision and deployed a wide array of strategies.

Firstly, they meticulously sourced comprehensive, state-wide enrollment data from the Florida Department of Education. This dataset then served as the foundation for a detailed analysis of FLVS’s CTE course portfolio. Through careful alignment and comparison, they identified new prospective clients and quantified potential upselling opportunities within the existing FLVS client base. A thorough analysis also highlighted key gaps in the CTE curriculum offered by FLVS.

The culmination of Ampersand’s diligent efforts was a comprehensive database that contained historical enrollments for each course, categorized by district and high school across the state. Additionally, two target lists were generated based on CTE program alignment, offering FLVS a clear path to potential revenue opportunities. Moreover, a detailed gap analysis was conducted, highlighting areas within the CTE industry funded by the Florida Department of Education where FLVS could develop content for.

This strategic and data-focused approach empowered FLVS in several ways. It offered the ability to direct curriculum resources more effectively, focusing on courses with high demand and areas with noticeable gaps. The newly acquired insight also provided a clearer understanding of the revenue opportunities across the state’s districts, thereby enabling the school to increase upsells to existing clients.

The outcomes were significant and measurable. Ampersand’s diligent analysis identified a revenue opportunity of approximately $94 million with existing clients and prospects. The gap analysis revealed that FLVS’s CTE offerings only covered 50% of the areas funded by the State of Florida Department of Education. Moreover, it was identified that FLVS only offered 6 of the top 30 courses in the state. This wealth of insights provided FLVS with a clear roadmap to enhance its CTE offerings and increase its market share in the Florida educational landscape.

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