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Understanding the Reason for Student Retention Issues within the First Term of Schooling


Bisk Education, a prominent name in the online education sector, sought to address a pressing issue: student retention during the first term of schooling. Their aim was to understand the root causes of this challenge and devise effective strategies to tackle it.


Bisk Education, however, faced a significant obstacle in realizing this goal. They needed to determine what data points were being collected, and at what stages during the enrollment process. Given the complexity of student engagement and behavior, this was no easy task.


Ampersand, a data-focused consulting firm renowned for its problem-solving capabilities, was engaged to assist. Their approach was multifaceted. First, they supported the review of data and extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes. They also identified the characteristics of the ideal student profile that would not only retain but graduate. One of their most notable achievements was resolving a major issue with the lead information capture form.

Through an in-depth data analysis of 56 different data points, Ampersand was able to identify key characteristics of students most likely to remain in the program. They provided Bisk Education with recommendations to modify their lead purchasing strategy to target these potential students more effectively. Additionally, they implemented a contact information verification system to validate the data collected.

This meticulous analysis and strategic intervention empowered Bisk Education in a significant way. It enabled them to optimize their marketing spend, focusing on areas that would mutually benefit both their client and their business.

The outcomes were truly transformative. Ampersand’s intervention revealed a systematic issue that led to ~6.2% of leads having one or more errors in their contact information. This number was minimized to nearly 0% with the new verification system. Further, it was identified that a mere 12% of leads accounted for a substantial 35% of student retention issues, an insight that had far-reaching implications for Bisk Education’s lead acquisition and engagement strategies.

The SVP of Marketing at Bisk Education reflected on the value of Ampersand’s work, stating,

“The work identified a massive fundamental opportunity in our enrollment data collection processes and opportunities in our lead purchasing strategy overall.”

This engagement with Ampersand was instrumental in helping Bisk Education address its student retention challenges, highlighting the pivotal role of data analysis and strategic interventions in optimizing educational outcomes.

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