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Einstein: Making Salesforce an AI Powerhouse

When we think of genius, “Einstein” is the name that comes to mind. Salesforce Einstein brings that same level of intelligence to the world of CRM. This collection of advanced AI tools helps you unlock the power of your data, predict what’s next, and automate actions – all seamlessly within Salesforce. Einstein’s capabilities span across Salesforce clouds, enhancing your marketing, sales, customer service, e-commerce, and beyond!

Salesforce Einstein is a powerful suite of integrated AI technologies woven directly into the Salesforce platform. Since its debut in 2016, Einstein has been a driving force behind enterprise AI within the CRM space.  And as AI technology continues its rapid evolution, Einstein evolves with it, offering a constantly improving suite of features and capabilities.

Einstein’s Next Generation

Dreamforce 2023 was a pivotal moment for Einstein. It wasn’t just about introducing next-level features; it was about a new approach to AI:  reliable, unbiased, and accessible. Salesforce highlighted the critical connection between AI and the data that fuels it. This approach cements Einstein’s position as a leader in trustworthy AI for CRM. It also resulted in solutions like consolidating Salesforce’s AI tools under the Einstein umbrella for streamlined access. Inspired by ChatGPT’s launch, Salesforce created its suite of generative AI tools.

In Dreamforce 2023, Einstein leveled up by delivering a vastly improved product: Einstein Platform 1. This new platform transforms how you work, blending cutting-edge AI with Data Cloud technologies. This results in robust AI that makes your CRM smarter simplifies low-code app development to put customization within reach, and completely reimagines the Salesforce experience for better usability. This new generation of Einstein brings together several key capabilities:

  • Data Cloud: Connects data across different Salesforce clouds, applications, and external data sources to provide an unprecedented holistic view of your customer and business.
  • AI: Includes a variety of pre-built AI models and tools for tasks like lead scoring, opportunity forecasting, sentiment analysis, and more. You can also build your custom AI models using the platform’s low-code tools.
  • Low-code development: Enables users to build custom applications and workflows without writing much code. This makes it easier for businesses to take advantage of the power of AI without needing expert coding skills.
  • Security and compliance: Built with security and compliance in mind, you can be confident that your data is safe and secure.

Einstein’s Business-Boosting Features

Let’s briefly explore what Einstein Platform 1 brings to the table:

  • Improved customer experiences: By using AI to understand your customers better and personalize their interactions with your company, you can create more satisfying and engaging experiences. Einstein lets you create experiences uniquely tailored to your customers and business needs.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity: The platform can automate tasks and processes, allowing your team to focus on more strategic work.
  • Better decision-making: The platform can provide data-driven insights to help you make better decisions about your business.
  • Faster innovation: Low-code development tools make experimenting with new AI-powered applications and workflows easier.
  • Data Harmony: No more data silos! Customer data is easily accessible across all of your Salesforce apps.
  • Process Automation: Securely streamline workflows for huge time savings (Einstein Platform 1 boosts this by 27%!).
  • Security & Compliance: Built with robust enterprise security, Einstein Trust Layer protects your data while maximizing AI.

How Can Einstein Transform Your Marketing, Sales, and Service?

Einstein brings AI across all of Salesforce. Here’s a taste of what’s possible:

  • General Use: Discover data patterns, predict outcomes, create custom AI models, get recommendations and actions, understand customer sentiment, automate tasks, create AI-powered chatbots, and more.
  • Rev Up Your Sales:  Score leads and opportunities to find your hottest prospects, get accurate sales forecasts, personalize emails, summarize calls, and even get smart recommendations on who to connect with.
  • Marketing Powerhouse: Analyze customer engagement, send emails at the right time, automatically tag content, get suggested headlines, and uncover valuable insights on social media.
  • Customer Service Stars: Automate answering common questions, get cases to the correct agents quickly, streamline case closure, offer personalized recommendations to customers, and even get summaries of service data pulled automatically.
  • Smarter Commerce: Boost conversions with tailored search and product recommendations, gain actionable merchandising data, and create personalized experiences.

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