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Sound the Alarm: Google’s Generative AI Search Tool is an SEO Iceberg

If you do not know about SGE and are a CEO, CMO, or work in search marketing within your organization, your business highly depends on web traffic or purchasing 3rd party leads that depend on SEO to capture lead info. Buckle up. Google is working on releasing a proverbial iceberg of generative search text at the top of the fold. This new solution is called Search Generative Experience (SGE).

Google describes the solution the following way,

“SGE while browsing” was specifically designed to help people more deeply engage with long-form content from publishers and creators and make it easier to find what you’re looking for while browsing the web. On some web pages you visit, you can tap to see an AI-generated list of the key points an article covers, with links that will take you straight to what you’re looking for directly on the page. We’ll also help you dig deeper with “Explore on page,” where you can see questions the article answers and jump to the relevant section to learn more.”

Sound’s great for search users; you will actually get an answer faster when ‘Googling.’ Now, let’s look at the search term “How do I sell my house” with the new SGE experience enabled.

This is what it looks like presently, with sponsored paid ads at the top of the results. SGE provides more value to search users. That said, it is transparent that click-thru rates on sponsored and organic SEO will be impacted significantly.

So, now you are either curious or freaked out and wondering what can be done to ensure your company stays relevant or can seize this massive opportunity to springboard your company.


  1. Read up a bit more on what Google is saying SGE is.
  2. Start the conversation with your team on what they are hearing and how they are preparing.
  3. Conduct an audit of web domains to see what impact is plausible from SEO standpoint for your organization.
  4. Reach out to partners such as leader vendors and inquire about what they are doing to prepare for this change.
  5. Optimize your website(s) for Large Language Model readability and semantic search indexing / find a firm like Ampersand, who can help conduct an AI audit and workshop for your business.

What is an Ampersand AI audit and workshop?

Well, it is a process whereby our team works hand in hand with your organization in a 360-degree manner to determine opportunities and risks for your organization. Examples like the above are covered, but we first start with educating your team about AI, Generative AI, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help identify opportunities and risks organically. We then do a dive-deep audit with your team, who are now equipped with knowledge of AI and automation to review customer experience journeys, systems, and processes.

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