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Using ChatGPT to Turbocharge Business Frameworks and Brainstorming

In an ever-changing business environment, it’s vital to employ the right strategies and frameworks to manage complexity effectively. Whether you’re a Corporate Innovation Specialist or a Project Manager, the proper framework can provide the structure and guidance needed to identify risks, seize opportunities, and drive outcomes. In this article, we’ve compiled a table of popular business frameworks, tailored prompts, and recommended information that can be provided to ChatGPT to help you get the most out of it.

Steps to Use ChatGPT with Associated Prompts

  1. Identify Your Role and Appropriate Framework: Before interacting with ChatGPT, review the table in this blog post to determine which framework best fits your current role and situation.
  2. Provide ChatGPT with context information: ChatGPT, if provided with a description of the company, product, service, and the relevant information listed in the recommended information column for the selected framework, will be able to leverage and provide you actionable insights.
  3. Prepare Your Prompt: Once you’ve identified the framework you’d like to explore, prepare your prompt based on the “Aligned Prompt” in the table. For example, if you are a Corporate Innovation Specialist interested in Lean Startup, your prompt could be “Act like a Corporate Innovation Specialist. I want to use Lean Startup. What can you tell me with the following information?: MVP Features <insert information>, Customer Feedback <insert information>, Iteration Cycles <insert information>, Product-Market Fit Metrics <insert information>, Cost of Pivot <insert information>?”
  4. Interact with ChatGPT: Open the ChatGPT interface and input your prepared prompt after providing the context of your business and relevant business information.
  5. Analyze the Output: After inputting your prompt, ChatGPT will provide you with key findings relevant to the framework you’ve chosen. For example, if you chose Lean Startup, you may get something like – Develop a mobile app feature to ease payment and checkout, as there’s a high drop-off rate in the payment stage.
  6. Iterate and Refine: The value of these frameworks often comes from iterative questioning and refining of your strategies. Feel free to adjust your prompt or ask follow-up questions to delve deeper into each framework.
Relevant AreaFrameworkBest Used WhenAligned PromptRecommended Information
Corporate Innovation SpecialistCustomer Journey MappingUnderstanding the full customer experience is crucial, from awareness to conversion and retention.Act like a Corporate Innovation Specialist. I want to use Customer Journey Mapping. What can you tell me with the following information?Customer Touchpoints, Emotional Highs and Lows, Pain Points, Abandoned Journeys, Feedback Channels
Corporate Innovation SpecialistEFQM Excellence ModelSeeking to improve organizational performance through a balanced scorecard approach.Act like a Corporate Innovation Specialist. I want to use the EFQM Excellence Model. What information would be helpful?Performance Indicators, Employee Engagement, Customer Satisfaction, Process Efficiency, Innovation Metrics
Corporate Innovation SpecialistJobs To Be Done (JTBD)Needing to understand the fundamental problems customers are trying to solve.Act like a Corporate Innovation Specialist. I want to use Jobs To Be Done. What information would be helpful?Customer Interviews, Job Statements, Pain Points, Alternative Solutions, Market Segmentation
Corporate Innovation SpecialistLean StartupA new product or service is in the early stages, and fast iteration based on customer feedback is needed.Act like a Corporate Innovation Specialist. I want to use Lean Startup. What information would be helpful?MVP Features, Customer Feedback, Iteration Cycles, Product-Market Fit Metrics, Cost of Pivot
Corporate Innovation SpecialistNet Promoter Score (NPS)Wanting to gauge customer loyalty and satisfaction quickly.Act like a Corporate Innovation Specialist. I want to use Net Promoter Score. What information would be helpful?NPS Score, Promoter Comments, Detractor Comments, Passives’ Behavior, Retention Rates
Corporate Innovation SpecialistTOWS MatrixNeeding a strategic analysis to make the best use of organizational strengths while understanding weaknesses.Act like a Corporate Innovation Specialist. I want to use the TOWS Matrix. What information would be helpful?Internal Strengths and Weaknesses, External Opportunities and Threats, Competitive Landscape, Resource Allocation, Priority Actions
Project ManagementAgile MethodologyWhen project requirements are expected to change and evolve, requiring flexibility and rapid adjustments.Act like a Project Manager. I want to use Agile Methodology. What information would be helpful?Sprint Outcomes, Backlog Priorities, Team Feedback, Customer/Stakeholder Feedback, Roadblocks and Delays
Project ManagementCynefin FrameworkFaced with complex problems that don’t have clear solutions or best practices.Act like a Project Manager. I want to use the Cynefin Framework. What information would be helpful?Problem Complexity Type, Suitable Approaches, Risks and Assumptions, Stakeholder Input, Time Sensitivity
Project ManagementDMAICWhen a current process is not meeting quality requirements and needs to be optimized.Act like a Project Manager. I want to use DMAIC. What information would be helpful?Process Metrics, Root Causes, Implemented Changes, Control Measures, Financial Impact
Project ManagementFishbone Diagram (Ishikawa)A specific issue needs to be dissected to understand its root causes.Act like a Project Manager. I want to use the Fishbone Diagram. What information would be helpful?Problem Statement, Identified Causes, Data Supporting Causes, Potential Solutions, Impact of Each Cause
Project ManagementGROW ModelCoaching or mentoring individuals or teams to achieve specific personal or professional goals.Act like a Project Manager. I want to use the GROW Model. What information would be helpful?Client Goals, Current Reality, Available Options, Commitment Levels, Obstacles and Risks
Project ManagementMoSCoW MethodWhen project scope needs to be defined clearly in terms of what is essential and what can be deferred.Act like a Project Manager. I want to use the MoSCoW Method. What information would be helpful?Must-Have Features, Should-Have Features, Could-Have Features, Won’t-Have Features, Time and Budget Constraints
Project ManagementOODA LoopQuick decision-making is required in rapidly changing environments.Act like a Project Manager. I want to use the OODA Loop. What information would be helpful?Situation Awareness, Decision Alternatives, Action Outcomes, Time Sensitivity, Stakeholder Impact

Lets run through an example for Customer Journey Mapping


I am a Corporate Innovation Specialist for an e-commerce company called “TechGizmo,” which specializes in selling consumer electronics such as smartphones, laptops, headphones, and smart home devices. TechGizmo aims to offer a broad range of products at competitive prices and prides itself on speedy delivery and reliable customer service. The company mainly operates online but also has a few flagship physical stores in major cities.

TechGizmo markets itself through a mix of digital advertising, social media, and email newsletters. It offers a loyalty program and frequent promotions to entice customers to make repeat purchases. The company is experiencing growth but has identified some challenges with customer retention and shopping cart abandonment rates, prompting a closer look at their customer journey to improve the overall experience.

Here is some information I have:
Customer Touchpoints

  • Website visit
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout
  • Post-purchase email
  • Customer service contact

Emotional Highs and Lows

  • High: Discovering a product that meets their need on the website
  • Low: Difficulty in navigating the checkout process
  • High: Receiving an order confirmation email
  • Low: Struggling to find customer service contact information

Pain Points

  • Difficulty in finding specific product categories
  • Confusing checkout process causing abandoned carts
  • Inadequate customer support response time

Abandoned Journeys

  • 30% drop-off at the shopping cart stage
  • 20% drop-off during the checkout process
  • 10% unsubscribe rate post-first purchase

Feedback Channels

  • Online surveys sent via email
  • Customer reviews on the website
  • Social media comments and direct messages
  • Customer service call logs

What could I do based on this information to improve our offering and a visual to help?

ChatGPT response:

Given your role as a Corporate Innovation Specialist and the detailed information you’ve provided about TechGizmo’s customer journey, there are several avenues you could explore to improve the customer experience and address the challenges you’ve identified. Here are some recommendations:

Customer Touchpoints

Website Visit

  • Implement AI-driven product recommendations to help customers discover products that meet their needs more efficiently.

Newsletter Sign-up

  • Offer an immediate discount or exclusive content as a reward for signing up to increase engagement.

Shopping Cart

  • Implement cart abandonment emails with incentives to encourage customers to complete their purchases.


  • Streamline the checkout process by reducing the number of steps and offering multiple payment options.

Post-purchase Email

  • Include a referral program in the post-purchase email to encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

Customer Service Contact

  • Add a chatbot for immediate assistance and direct customers to the appropriate channels for more complex queries.

Emotional Highs and Lows


  • Capitalize on the emotional highs by asking for reviews or social media shares at these points.


  • Address the lows by offering in-app or on-site assistance during the checkout process and making customer service contact information mIbero-American Action League, Incore visible.

Pain Points

  • Product Categories: Improve site navigation and search functionality.
  • Checkout Process: A/B test different checkout flows to identify the most user-friendly option.
  • Customer Support: Implement a ticketing system to improve response times.

Abandoned Journeys

  • Shopping Cart: Use retargeting ads to bring back customers who abandoned their cart.
  • Checkout: Offer a guest checkout option to reduce friction.
  • Post-First Purchase: Send personalized offers or content to reduce the unsubscribe rate.

Feedback Channels

  • Surveys and Reviews: Use this data to identify common issues or areas for improvement.
  • Social Media: Monitor comments and messages for real-time feedback and respond promptly.
  • Call Logs: Analyze customer service calls for recurring issues that can be addressed at scale.

Additional Strategies

  • Loyalty Program: Revamp the loyalty program to offer more personalized rewards.
  • Data Analytics: Use advanced analytics to segment customers and tailor marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Mobile Experience: Ensure the website is mobile-responsive or consider developing a mobile app.

Here is a customer journey map:

Here is a visual representation of the recommended improvements to TechGizmo’s customer journey:

Customer Journey Improvements

The type of the diagram is a user-journey in Mermaid language.

To view ideas for improving the diagram, use the key phrase “show ideas“.

To view other types of diagram and languages, use the key phrase “explore diagrams“.

Note: In this example, ChatGPT has a plug-in enabled called: Show Me Diagrams

As you can see, the information provided can be very helpful for someone looking for ideas and support in coming up with solutions to improve the customer journey experience.

If you’re intrigued by the possibilities these technologies can unlock for your organization, you’re not alone. Whether you’re an individual looking to bring innovation to your role or a team leader aiming to empower your team with cutting-edge tools, Ampersand is here to guide you. If you found this interesting, we also have a whole series on ChatGPT prompts for c-suite executives.

Reach out to us at Ampersand to discover how we can tailor our expertise in ChatGPT, AI, and generative AI to meet your organization’s unique needs. Together, we can transform challenges into opportunities and take your customer journey to the next level.

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